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1. Substitute Number

2. Choose «MENU»

3. Choose «Podmena»

4. Choose «Nomer»

5. Enter a Substitution Number in an International format
6. Substitution Number is set

2. Random Substitution (RND)
1. Choose «RND podmena»
2. Confirm Random Number Substitution

3. Random Substitution is set

3. Voice Change
1. Choose «Golos»
2. Choose Voice Change

3. Voice Change is set

4. Buy DID (DID)
You can buy several DIDs of different locations. Set up fee and monthly Service fee is deduced from your Master Account balance. You can replace or reclaim DIDs yourself. If you need a number that is not available in the list, please, contact us at

1. Go to SIM MENU

2. Choose «MENU»

3. Choose «DID nomera»

4. Choose «Kupit»

5. Choose Location
(e.g. UK)

6. Choose Number

7. Set Up fee/Monthly Service Fee. The Fees are deduced from your Master Account of Secure SIM balance

8. DID has been added

5. Reclaim DID (DID)
1. Choose «Otkazatsya»
2. Choose DID to reclaim

3. DID has been reclaimed DID

6. Renew DID (DID)
1. Choose «Prodlit»

2. You will see the list of your DIDS and the number of Days left on them. Choose DID to renew.

3. Enter the amount of month for the DID to be renewed. Confirm.
4. Tap ‘OK’ to confirm

5. Your DID has been renewed

7. Commands to Activate and Deactivate Data 1. Activate Data. To Activate Data enter *950*Data top up amount#. For example, *950*100#

2. To Deactivate Data. To transfer the funds left on Data balance to the master SIM card balance, please, dial *950#

3. Find Out the amount of Data used, dial *100#

4. Data Price. To find out price per 1 MB for a particular Operator, dial*951#

8. Change Service Provider Name (SPN) You can replace SPN, that is shown on the screen, with the one you like in SIM menu.

1. Choose «Menu»
2. Choose «Rsd SPN»

3. Enter any Provider Name
4. e.g. ‘Telecom’

5. Once the Name ‘Telecom’ is set, please, reboot your handset

6. Get a temporary password, dial *257#

VISA / Master Card
Name on Card

User ID

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