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NEW If you have several DIDs, the Fenix app will show you in Telegram and Fenix, Viber what DID has been dialed The feature is completely free of charge

Our SIM-card combines a set of features that are aimed at call confidentiality within GSM standard

There are a number of SIM-card providers that allow number substitution on the market. However, it is not a guarantee that it has a safe Secure Element. Quite often other company pretends to provide a Secure SIM, instead, selling regular SIMs.

To check if your SIM has a Secure Element, enter your SIM ID here.

      Substitute Number
The feature allows you to make calls while hiding your real number and changing it to a random one. Subscriber B as well as CDR spots the substitution number.
      HLR requests.
The feature allows to intercept any attacks on Network Operators via SS7 (set of telephony signalling protocols)
The feature allows to change Network Indetifiers (IMSI/KI). At the moment Dynamic Profile is the most effective tool against Interception and Communications Monitoring System (CMS).
PING allows to intercept SMS of any type, including Silent SMS, or so-called Stealth SMS. SIM blocks any possible attacks on a Network level.
      Voice Change.
The feature allows to change your real voice in course of conversation, transforming its pattern (Voice Print), i.e. it is impossible to ascertain subscriber’s identity.
      Cost Minimization.
Cost Minimization allows to decrease expenses. Now it does not matter where a subscriber is calling from and to. All of the calls that are made within AYDIR are free of charge for the SIM users.
DID number, or a virtual number, allows to hide identifiers during an Inbound Call, that means it is impossible to detect the location of the subscriber.
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