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Networks and Operators with Data

Due to the global crisis, the cost per 1 MB on the per minute Rate has increased to 0,05GBP.

Configure Data on Android::

Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Network > Access Point Names

  • Internet (or GPRS)
  • WAP
  • MMS

Create New APN > Choose GPRS
  • Name – ‘any name’ (e.g., Secure SIM)
  • APN – fastaccess

Leave the rest by default. Save the Settings, choose GPRS. Once it is done, Handset connects to Data automatically.

Configure Data on iOS

Settings > Phone> APN Settings
  • APN Name, «APN» – fastaccess
  • User Name – leave blank
  • Password – leave blank
To set an APN on an iPhone automatically, choose ‘T profile’ :

  • Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi. Open Safari. Go to
  • Set APN ‘Manually’. Choose ‘Manually’. APN – fastaccess.
  • Set
  • APN has been successfully set.
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