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‘Direct’ cost
100 £

Install AYSEC-AYDIR on iOS

1. Go to Safari Browser

2. Install AYDIR

3. When a user opens the application for the first time, OS notifies the user that the application is not to be trusted. At this point it is impossible to run the app.

4. Go to ‘Setting’ —> ‘General’ —> ‘Profiles’ or ‘Profiles and Device Management’ or ‘Manage Access’. There you find the AYDIR application profile, you need to ‘Allow Access’ to it.

5. Once it is done, it is possible to start the application.

AYDIR commands:

Check up the Balance and the Amount of Days left:
*100#, dial in AY SEC

2. Find out USER ID and DID :
     *110# dial in AY SEC
    The Command also shows the amount of days left on      DID .

3. Activate Program and all the DIDs:
     *900*Х#, substitute ‘X’ with the number of months (form 1 to 12), dial in AYSEC

4. Activate just the Program (no DID):
    *910*Х#, dial in AYSEC, substitute ‘X’ with the number of months (form 1 to 12)

5. Activate DID for 1 month :
     *900*(DID with no ‘+’)#, dial in AY SEC
    e.g. *900*74999999999#.

VISA / Master Card
Name on Card

User ID

Сумма 100 £



AYDIR for Android

Install AY Direct
Install on iOS:

Install AY SEC IOS