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The program combines a set of features that are aimed at call confidentiality within GSM standard. ‘Direct’ — is a hard- and software complex, designed in collaboration of Russian and British engineers.

Number Substitution
Number Substitution allows to make calls changing your real number. CDRs will show the number that was set before the call.
Voice Change
Voice Change allows to change voice of subscriber А during the call. The feature makes it impossible to identify the calling subscriber via the phonetic characteristics and analyses, due to the fact that the ‘Voice Change’ option changes the subscriber’s Voice print.
Cost Minimization
Cost Minimization allows to decrease expenses. Now it does not matter where a subscriber is calling from and to. All of the calls that are made within AYDIR are free of charge for the SIM users.
DID number, or a virtual number, allows to hide identification elements during an Inbound Call, so that it becomes impossible to detect the location of the subscriber.
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