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Getting Started
Turn On a handset and wait till the handset latches on a Network. First registration is configured by default. Once the first registration is complete, you can choose any Network in SIM menu.
Make a Call
Dial as usual.
You cannot set a substitution number that does not correspond to an international format. DEF code needs to match an existing operator. Also, a substitution number can’t start with 8800… etc.


1. Substitute Number (Subscriber B will see not a real but a Substituted Number).
*150*Substitution Number#, dial
A Substitution number has to be dialled in an international format, otherwise, an operator will not allow the call. You will have a substituted number till you disable it.
2. Dynamic Number Substitution (Random Number Substitution on every call):
*150*0000#, dial.
Please, run the command, every time you would like to change a Substitution Number
3. Voice Change ON.Voice Change ON Your Voice will be changed in course of a conversation. Once ‘Voice Change’ is On, your Voice will be changed both on Inbound and Outbound calls, unless you send the command ‘Voice Change Off’.
*300*1# or 2 or…7, dial (7 types of Voice Change)
*3001# or 2 or …7, dial (7 types of Voice Change) for iOS

4. Voice Change Off *300*0#, dial

5. Check Balance *100#, dial

6. Find out SIM ID and DID *110#, dial

7. Activate Bundle for 1 month *900*1#, dial

8. Activate Bundle for 12 months *900*12#, dial.

9. Renew DID *915*74991234567*1#, dial

Renew DID 74991234567 for 1 Month
10. Activate Data *950*Х#, dial.
‘X’ here is the amount of payment
E.g. *950*10#, dial — to top up Data for 10 GBP

11. Transfer Balance from one SIM to another:
*600*SIM ID (of the second SIM)*20#, dial. E.g. *600*123456*20# command will transfer 20 GBP to SIM ID:123456
*606*SIM ID (of the second SIM), dial. E.g. *600*123456# command will cancel the transfer of 20 GBP to SIM ID:123456

12. Switch to a Per Minute Rate (available once the current bundle exceeds):
*845#, dial

13. Call SIM MENU (available only on some Handset Models)
#901, dial

14. Turn OFF Manual Network Setting
*730#, dial

15. Turn ON Auto Network Setting
*731#, dial