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Police Mode

1. 1. Each handset and switch has undeclared possibilities or the so-called ‘Police Mode’.

2. Each handset and its data and applications despite the country of production can be under control, that means that everything can be deleted or activated with no notifications and evidences of the user even if the handset is off.

3. The feature is embedded in the OS of the phone and are not available for the user even after Jailbreak. Sometimes there is a message on the screen ‘Attention! Stealth (Silent) mode is on’.

4. Once the «‘Police Mode’ is on, third parties can get information without the user. They can turn the mic on, get access to CDRs, photos, videos, location etc. It is also possible to get a remote control via AT commands and to make calls, send messages, make photos and so on.

5. A Stealth mode can be activated with a Stealth SMS, with the help of proper equipment (both legal and illegal intercept complex), a virus or a spy program installed on the handset.

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