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IMEI Change feature can be implemented in the MTK based phones. We recommend to use LG K7 on Android 5.1.

To start IMSI/IMEI rotation, go to ‘Chamelephon’, tap ‘Generate IMEI’. You can also turn on ‘IMSI Change’ feature in the SIM MENU. Once the handset is rebooted, IMSI and IMEI identifiers are changed.

1. Go to Menu
2. Go to ‘SIM Menu’
3. Choose ‘Change IMSI’

4. Change to ‘Auto ON’

5. Wait

6. Change IMSI is ON

7. Go to
‘Chamelephon’‘Chamelephon’. Choose
‘Generate random IMEIs’

8. Choose ‘Apply new IMEIs’

9. Choose “Change”

10. Reboot Handset