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NEW If you have several DIDs, the Fenix app will show you in Telegram and Fenix, Viber what DID has been dialed The feature is completely free of charge

Our SIM-card combines a set of features that are aimed at call confidentiality within GSM standard

There are a number of SIM-card providers that allow number substitution on the market. However, it is not a guarantee that it has a safe Secure Element. Quite often other company pretends to provide a Secure SIM, instead, selling regular SIMs.

To check if your SIM has a Secure Element, enter your SIM ID here.

      Substitute Number
The feature allows you to make calls while hiding your real number and changing it to a random one. Subscriber B as well as CDR spots the substitution number.
      HLR requests.
The feature allows to intercept any attacks on Network Operators via SS7 (set of telephony signalling protocols)
The feature allows to change Network Indetifiers (IMSI/KI). At the moment Dynamic Profile is the most effective tool against Interception and Communications Monitoring System (CMS).
PING allows to intercept SMS of any type, including Silent SMS, or so-called Stealth SMS. SIM blocks any possible attacks on a Network level.
      Voice Change.
The feature allows to change your real voice in course of conversation, transforming its pattern (Voice Print), i.e. it is impossible to ascertain subscriber’s identity.
      Cost Minimization.
Cost Minimization allows to decrease expenses. Now it does not matter where a subscriber is calling from and to. All of the calls that are made within AYDIR are free of charge for the SIM users.
DID number, or a virtual number, allows to hide identifiers during an Inbound Call, that means it is impossible to detect the location of the subscriber.

Unlimited Rate for 1 Month

Unlimited Rate for 12 Months
- One Time Yearly Payment

Per-Minute Rate
Minimum Payment 100£

Charge: £ 0,3 GBP - First Minute £ 0,15 for each additional minute

eSIM profile

Handsets are delivered by ‘DHL’ and ‘Express.ru’ Delivery Services.

Get Started
Insert "Secure SIM" into your handset. Select a Network manually and connect to an available operator.
Make a Call
Dial as usual.

You cannot set a substitution number that does not correspond to an international format. DEF code needs to match an existing operator. Also, a substitution number can’t start with 8800… etc.

Secure SIM Program Commands:

1. Substitute Number.
     *150*Substitution Number#, dial
A Substitution number has to be dialled in an international format, otherwise, an operator will not allow the call. You’ll have a Substituted Number till you change it.

2. Dynamic Number Substitution (Random Number Substitution on every call)
     *150*0000#, dial.
Please, run the command, every time you would like to change a Substitution Number

     3. Voice Change ON. Your Voice will be changed in course of a conversation. Once ‘Voice Change’ is on, your Voice will be changed both on Inbound and Outbound calls, unless you send the command ‘Voice Change Off’.
*300*1# or 2 or…7, dial (7 types of Voice Change).
*3001# or 2 or…7, dial (7 types of Voice Change) for iOS
4. Voice Change Off *300*0#, dial.
5. Check Balance *100#, dial.
6. Find out SIM ID and DID *110#, dial.
7. Аctivate Bundle for 1 month *900*1#, dial.
8. Activate Bundle for a year *900*12#, dial.
9. Renew DID *915*74991234567*1#, dial.
Renew DID: 74991234567 for 1 month
10. Activate Data *950*Х#, dial.
‘X’ here is the amount of payment
e.g., to top up Data for £ 10 — dial *950*10#

11. Transfer Balance from one SIM to another:
      *600*SIM ID (of SIM 2) *20#, dial.‘X’ here is the GBP amount to be transferred. E.g. *600*123456*20# command will transfer 20 GBP to SIM ID:123456
     Cancel Balance Transfer *606*SIM ID (of the second SIM)#, dial. E.g. *600*123456# command will cancel the transfer of 20 GBP to SIM ID:123456
12. Switch to a Per Minute Rate (available once the current bundle exceeds):
      *845#, dial.
13. Call SIM MENU (available only on a number of phones):
      #901, dial.
14. Turn Manual Network Setting OFF:
      *730#, dial.
15. Turn Auto Network Setting ON:
      *731#, dial.

Networks and Operators with Data

Configure Data on Android::

Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Network > Access Point Names

  • Internet (or GPRS)
  • WAP
  • MMS

Create New APN > Choose GPRS
  • Name – ‘any name’ (e.g., Secure SIM)
  • APN – globaldata

Leave the rest by default. Save the Settings, choose GPRS. Once it is done, Handset connects to Data automatically.

Configure Data on iOS

Settings > Phone> APN Settings
  • APN Name, «APN» – globaldata
  • User Name – leave blank
  • Password – leave blank
To set an APN on an iPhone automatically, choose ‘T profile’ :

  • Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi. Open Safari. Go to http://m.apnchanger.org
  • Set APN ‘Manually’. Choose ‘Manually’. APN – globaldata.
  • Set
  • APN has been successfully set.

Call with Number substitution

Number Substitution

Random Number Substitution (RND)

Voice Change


Reclaim DID

Renew DID

Activate and Deactivate Data

Hackers use SS7 (operators cooperation protocol) to intercept traffic, to detect subscriber’s location, to intercept SMS, to manage other Services. To do that they initiate particular requests, e.g. SendRoutingInfo or ProvideSubscriberInfo. To manage phone’s features hackers use SMS ‘type 0’ (so-called Silent or Stealth SMS), that cannot be find on the phone. All the requests go to an operator HLR. HLR is a part of our infrastructure; we record all the requests, block maleficent once and notify our subscriber about attacks.

You can check if your handset is secure from HLR attacks. Enter your mobile number in the field below. If you able to get your IMSI, unfortunately, there are no effective hard- and/or software programs installed on your phone.

Download a detailed instruction in PDF format PDF
1. Substitute Number

2. Choose «MENU»

3. Choose «Podmena»

4. Choose «Nomer»

5. Enter a Substitution Number in an International format
6. Substitution Number is set

2. Random Substitution (RND)
1. Choose «RND podmena»
2. Confirm Random Number Substitution

3. Random Substitution is set

3. Voice Change
1. Choose «Golos»
2. Choose Voice Change

3. Voice Change is set

4. Buy DID (DID)
You can buy several DIDs of different locations. Set up fee and monthly Service fee is deduced from your Master Account balance. You can replace or reclaim DIDs yourself. If you need a number that is not available in the list, please, contact us at info@secur-gsm.com

1. Go to SIM MENU

2. Choose «MENU»

3. Choose «DID nomera»

4. Choose «Kupit»

5. Choose Location
(e.g. UK)

6. Choose Number

7. Set Up fee/Monthly Service Fee. The Fees are deduced from your Master Account of Secure SIM balance

8. DID has been added

5. Reclaim DID (DID)
1. Choose «Otkazatsya»
2. Choose DID to reclaim

3. DID has been reclaimed DID

6. Renew DID (DID)
1. Choose «Prodlit»

2. You will see the list of your DIDS and the number of Days left on them. Choose DID to renew.

3. Enter the amount of month for the DID to be renewed. Confirm.
4. Tap ‘OK’ to confirm

5. Your DID has been renewed

7. Commands to Activate and Deactivate Data 1. Activate Data. To Activate Data enter *950*Data top up amount#. For example, *950*100#

2. To Deactivate Data. To transfer the funds left on Data balance to the master SIM card balance, please, dial *950#

3. Find Out the amount of Data used, dial *100#

4. Data Price. To find out price per 1 MB for a particular Operator, dial*951#

8. Change Service Provider Name (SPN) You can replace SPN, that is shown on the screen, with the one you like in SIM menu.

1. Choose «Menu»
2. Choose «Rsd SPN»

3. Enter any Provider Name
4. e.g. ‘Telecom’

5. Once the Name ‘Telecom’ is set, please, reboot your handset

6. Get a temporary password, dial *257#

Option ‘Conference’

This option is available for Secure SIM and Secure LEX users.
You can use Conference feature to initiate conversation between two subscribers and to be aware of what they are talking about without them knowing that you are listening to them. To do that you do not need either access to their handsets or any Spy programs. Moreover you can set a substitution number for each of the two subscribers.
A Conference Call costs 1 GBP per minute, the fee is deduced from the Master Account of the SIM card. A balance for the Conference Call shall be not less than 5 GBP.

Manage ‘Conference’ call on Android:

Manage ‘Conference’ call on iOS

VISA / Master Card
Name on Card

User ID

Amount in GBP