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The most effective way to provide anonymity and high level of security of your communication within the GSM network is to change Network Identifiers such as IMEI and IMSI. Change of Network operators acts as if you change your handset along with a SIM. IMEI and IMSI are changed on every call.
To understand IMEI/IMSI Changeprinciples, let’s compare it to a car accident. Imagine if you happen to be in a car accident. The accident itself, car make, license plate and colour were seen, registered and recorded. You decide to flee the scene, turn the corner, press the RESET button, and in a flash everything: the car make, car colour, license plate (in our case call identifiers IMEI and IMSI) change completely. It makes it impossible to make any link between you and the accident.We are suggesting two options: IMEI/IMSI Change imbedded//installed feature on a MTK based handset

Total 105 £

Monthly Fee 200 £

IMEI Change feature can be implemented in the MTK based phones. We recommend to use LG K7 on Android 5.1.

To start IMSI/IMEI rotation, go to ‘Chamelephon’, tap ‘Generate IMEI’. You can also turn on ‘IMSI Change’ feature in the SIM MENU. Once the handset is rebooted, IMSI and IMEI identifiers are changed.

1. Go to Menu
2. Go to ‘SIM Menu’
3. Choose ‘Change IMSI’

4. Change to ‘Auto ON’

5. Wait

6. Change IMSI is ON

7. Go to
‘Chamelephon’‘Chamelephon’. Choose
‘Generate random IMEIs’

8. Choose ‘Apply new IMEIs’

9. Choose “Change”

10. Reboot Handset

Total 105 £

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